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Chihuahua Breeder Links

A complete list of breeders I've either met, or visited online and loved their websites, and a few I have done business with, with good results. All are very good breeders.

Feathers and Fur Van Lines For pet transport

Stormin' Kennels

Sachi's Chihuahuas

Cee Gee's Chihuahuas

Y-dot Kennels

Dobbs Chihuahuas

Desert Luna Chihuahuas

Debdan's Chihuahuas

Aztec Chihuahuas

Visit my Blog

No permission needed! Just walk in!

Visit the Virtual zoo of the future and see what the animals of that period may look like in a time after man. Click below.

Here is a list of links to places that might interest you as a dog/animal lover.

Cannot find the puppy of your dreams here? Someone out there has them. has a good list of breeders they have acquired. Remember what we said about responsible breeding practices :)


Also try

Or for those of you new to breeding, and would like to find out about the actual genetic make up of the colors available in chihuahuas, it can all be explained in our chihuahua color page.

Visit Chihuahua Colors

All of our puppies come to you registered through the American Kennel Club and are true to type chihuahuas. You can visit AKC's website by clicking on this link:

Visit the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Shortcut to Chihuahua Standard page

As an animal lover I have, along with my collection of live dogs, a collection of plush animals. Plush animals are fun and neat, and I especially love the kind that resembles live animals. The plush animals offered at Stuffed Ark are so realistic looking that you'd swear they were taken at the local zoo! This is also good for those of you who absolutely MUST have a pet, but for some reason can't, plush animals make fabulous friends.

Dog crates shipped free at ActiveK9. Features mesh, wire and portable dog crates in every size. Click here

Click here for great selection, high quality and low pricing on dog beds We ship for free! Click here

So, you've decided you want to own a chihuahua? Did you know chihuahuas are suseptible to a number of different ailments? Chihuahuas are not for everybody, and quite a challenge to breed! If you want to learn more about chihuahuas, or if you just want to read up on how to take care of a dog, has the widest selection of books. You can find books about training a dog, showing a dog, selecting a dog, or just a book about different kinds of dogs. There's a lot of them out there! Click on any of the links above to go there and see what they have.

The Discovery Channel is one of my favorite channels, as an animal lover. And the Discovery Store Online has all kinds of animal related items, such as CDs, videos, books, even plush toys. While you are there, check out Jeff Corwin's Animal Adventure videos and DVDs, he's one of the greatest!

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If we do not have what you are looking for, surely there is someone out there who does. Search and find them here.

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