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I have been a long time fan of INXS. They were a band that was popular in the 1980's. They were in their prime when the album "Kick" came out. In 1990, I saw a video of theirs for the first time, and I fell madly in love with Michael Hutchence. In 1991, I attended a concert of theirs in Seattle, and was really hooked ever since. Michael was a beautiful man for sure, and even funny when he got on stage. He always sang with a loud, clear voice, and waved his hair like no one else preceeding him. There was something magical about his moves. Though he was said to be a shy man, when he spoke to you, he looked straight at you, as if to give his full attention. I felt fortunate to have witnessed what I called "History in the Making" and went to see this concert.
In the 1990's, INXS's fame began to flack off, but as far as I was concerned, they were still first on my list. They even toured the states a few times. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to each and every concert that they put on, but I still had the memories lingering from the first and only concert I ever went to. In my career, I also went to concerts for MC Hammer, who is now a pastor, and Roxette, from Sweden, my second most favorite group. But none inspired me more than INXS. To this day, I still regret not going to their "Lose Your Head" concert when it came to my area.
On November 22, 1997 Michael Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney, Australia. It was the saddest announcement I've heard on the news because I so loved this man and his music and singing. For no less than a week, I went into a state of total melancholia, which actually acted to weaken me for events that would happen over the following years. Among them, the death of my grandmother. By the time she passed away on March 25, 2001 I was a wreck. I had begun to build a wall around myself, so I couldn't be hurt anymore, and I didn't want to let anyone else in, so I was hostile with people. What I didn't know at the time is people don't understand someone who is depressed, and actually take it for being rude or snobby. So it's not suprising how a lot of doors are closed to a depressed person.
Over the past 2 years however, I've gradually been building up my self-esteem, and though as of June 12, 2003, I'm still working on it, it looks like I'm soon to have a decent recovery. However, Michael Hutchence and my grandmother with both always hold a special place in my heart.
As of 2005, my attitude about INXS has somewhat changed, these days I'm much more sweet on their leading guitarist, Tim Farriss. In the beginning, he was my second most favorite band member, but my renewed love for the band has just given him a vigorous shove to the #1 spot. Not surprising to me that now I've counted him as my #1 favorite, he is funny, said to be the friendliest member of the band, and not to mention I think the most beautiful!! Timmy has got me laughing at times when I needed it the most, and having suffered depression over the past years, I'd been needing it a lot.
In fact, it was this recent obsession with Tim that inspired my new kennel name. The TG's initials means "TimGal", one of my many screen names on the internet. The name stuck with me forever and now I've decided to use that as my kennel name. Thank you guys!
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Tim Farriss
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Oh BABY!!!!
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