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Luv-A-Puddy's is now TG's Chihuahuas!!

**CHIHUAHUAS***CHIHUAHUAS***CHIHUAHUAS***CHIHUAHUAS** Welcome to our homepage site, feel free to check out any of our pages. In respect to the memory of our beloved Groucho, TG's is no longer breeding chihuahuas. We do not anticipate starting up again in the forseeable future. But we are keeping our site up for educational purposes only. We have for you a page devoted to each of our dogs which describes the dog and you can even view each dog's pedigree. Our dogs are lovable lap-seekers. If you are looking for a Taco Bell dog look-alike, you will not find it here. We make sure our dogs comply with the standards set by the AKC and Chihuahua Club of America, and the Taco Bell dog does not meet these standards. Our chihuahua puppies range in size from 3 and a half to 5 and a half pounds full grown. If you are a new breeder, looking for different colors in chihuahuas, you must know about how to bring out all the wonderful colors available in chihuahuas. Go to our own chihuahua colors page to learn more. the online Pet Directory

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