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Vegas's Page

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This is Vegas today, 2008. Notice he was no disappointment when it came to beauty. Unfortunately, I never kept up with his training, otherwise he'd have been shown by now. But I have too many other commitments in my life right now to show any dog. But Vegas now does have the look and the sweet, saucy attitude a show dog should have.


Meet the newest member of our family. This is Vegas. He is the son of Odessa, and our future stud. I have decided to keep him. He may be a good prospect for showing in the future, but we will see. He was born on June 19, 2006 via c-sec. But he is doing fine now. We thank Amulet Kennels for their help in bringing us this little Heavenly gift.


Vegas came into my life at a particularly vulnerable time. I had just lost Groucho. As you may or may not know, Groucho was my constant companion, and best friend in the World! I was a member of a group in Yahoo! Groups, and everyone on there turned on me one day. My sole source of comfort was my baby, Groucho. At least dogs don't judge you. A few days after my encounters with everyone on that group threatening, hating, and scorning me, my baby died, and I quit the group. At that point, I wasn't even sure I even wanted to breed chihuahuas anymore. I had contemplated letting Odessa have the babies she was then pregnant with (because I don't believe in abortion), selling them and just getting out of chihuahuas, and try some other breed. Not only did I lose my best friend, Groucho, I also lost the 4 puppies she was pregnant with!
Groucho's death caused mass problems in my family's life from the minute she fell suddenly and violently ill. It has caused terrible financial problems. It caused major set-backs in our kennel. I have been suffering depression for several years and her death just made it worse. So much worse, I had to be hospitalized and put on medication. I lost all interest in family and friends after she died. If it hadn't been for my lovable, wonderful friends at, I'd probably be dead right now, because I was perfectly willing to follow Groucho to the grave!
Then came Vegas. Odessa had him via c-section. She had 2 pups, but one was stillborn. Vegas was the sole survivor. I was so vulnerable at the time Vegas was born I desperately took to cuddling with a piece of hair that came from Groucho's ears when I combed a tangle out of her hair long before she ever even fell ill. Then I saw Vegas and fell instantly in love with him. I knew he would be my soulmate.
Vegas is still very precious to me. I made up my mind on day 1 he wasn't going to go anywhere. He is staying with me. I plan to cuddle and caress him every bit as much as I did Groucho. I need to pick up where I left off at.

Pedigree Coming Soon!