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My Trip to Rockstar: INXS
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Here is where I decided to tell the full story of my trip to California with a friend to visit my beautiful guys of INXS.

Rockstar is a show that is the crowning glory of INXS. INXS wanted to continue writing and playing music and so this show was set up by their own idea to help them find a new lead singer. Their former lead singer, Michael Hutchence, died in 1997. The World was devastated and I thought it was truly the end for INXS. But they thankfully refused to give up. So the remaining members; Tim, Jon and Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Beers, set up this show to watch the best 15 performers that applied for the position as their lead singer, perform in a crowd situation. The show takes place at CBS studios, and at first they had to pay people to sit in the studio audience. They wouldn’t have had to pay me, if they’d have just paid for my trip down there, I would have gladly stood in the audience.

I have been an INXS fan since 1990 and very lovingly so. I first heard Need U Tonight on the radio in 1987 on my way to a special education class in High School. I didn’t know who sang the song, but I loved it. It wasn’t until years later that I actually asked my sis, Anna, who is the rock music expert in the family, who sang that song and she said it was a group called INXS. Then, during the summer of 1990, I saw the video to that song and another called Mediate. I saw the lead singer and fell instantly in love. It was my sis who gave me his name as well, Michael Hutchence. In the video for “Mediate”, there was another man from the band who caught my eye. He had the best set of buns I’d ever seen!!! Unfortunately Anna did not know this guy’s name, but I would later find out his name was Tim Farriss. I often called him “My Timmy” or “Timmy-bear” later on as I got to know them. Because the man resembles a big, cuddly teddy bear!! Sort of astonishingly, back when I first saw Timmy, I was not the kind of girl to ogle a guy’s butt. I’m not gay nor nothing, I was just a very prim and proper type country girl who always thought it was rude to stare at a man’s butt. Timmy was actually the very first and only one whose buns I would venerate like that. I kept thinking to myself “Why isn’t he the lead singer?”

When Michael died in 1997, I was as heart-broken as I had ever known in my life time. But I still loved the man, and I refused to stop that just because he had passed away. Finally about 2002, my interest in INXS had waned. But it was resurrected with a vengeance in 2005. I had learned to accept Michael’s death and was ready to move on, so in 2005, my affections were focused on Tim. During the early days, Michael was my #1 favorite band member, where Tim was #2. Which for me isn’t a bad spot to be in. #2 with INXS is still taking a lot of adulation from me. In fact when my puppy dog died from the parvovirus in 1998, it was Tim I turned to most for the comfort of making myself laugh and smile again. For that reason alone, I feel I owe that man a lot!

Anyway, back to Rockstar. When I found out we could get tickets to become a part of the Rockstar audience there was little stopping me. The only thing in fact was transportation. The only transportation I have of my own is a 1989 Mercury Topaz that already had about 100,000 miles on it! I ran it ragged since my father gave it to me in 2000. And I am scared to death of flying! That only left me with taking a train or bus. I hate buses! Most especially for such long trips! The only bathroom facilities they have is equipped with a toilet, but everyone all around the restroom can know your business and you cannot even wash your hands when you are done using the restroom! And with my luck being what it is, I’d never be able to purchase any anti-bacterial wipes. I never took a train before; it was an exciting thought, but such a way to go!

All that was left was carpooling with someone. But who?? I didn’t know anyone. Leastwise no one who had the time or desire to drive with me all the way to Los Angeles and back. A young woman from the INXS forum, who called herself KriswithaK, told me not to give up, that the right person will come along. She was thinking perhaps there was someone from the Rockstar forum who could give me a lift. I’d been into the Rockstar forum before and I wouldn’t have ridden from Olympia to LA with any of them if it meant I’d never get to see my guys!!! Most of the people on there are so psychotic! Definitely seemed like the types that if I ever got into a little disagreement with any of them that they would ditch me out in the middle of nowhere. Especially the JD and Marty fans! I would have been too afraid to ride with any of them.

Then, on the INXS fan forum, I met someone named DonnaG. At first we didn’t speak to each other. She was a Jonette (which is what those who follow Jon are called) and I was a Timette (a name given to those who adhere to Tim). It wasn’t until the Jon Farriss Birthday Captions Game that I actually got to know her. I told her she was very clever and her captions did earn a good laugh from me. I realized she was from Seattle and would do anything to see Jon in person. I was the same about my Timmy. Seattle is only 50 miles from where I live at. We got to PMing each other and thus got to know each other. As the days went on and on, and around Timmy’s birthday, which is only a week from Jon’s, we decided to go to LA to attend a taping of Rockstar: INXS. Donna informed me that she hadn’t had a vacation in 3 years! I thought “Wow! That’s a long time to work with no breaks!” So, she wanted to take a week off to go to a taping or two of Rockstar and that would be her vacation. I wanted to go too. Donna could not have come into my life at a better time. We both were right for each other! Until she suggested a road trip to go see INXS in LA, I had all but given up hope of ever going to see them in LA! I wasn’t going to go unless I could find someone to take me. And Donna benefited by getting a much-needed vacation. I was so in love with the idea for a whole month I could not think of anything else!

It was Midnight when Donna took off the day before the taping from her home in Seattle, and it took her an hour to drive down to Olympia. I was a little bit scared because it was so late at night and she had to drive all that way. It was a tough ride down there. I did offer to help her out by taking the wheel, but she wouldn’t hear of it. We were in the car for a good 16 hours as we drove at 80 m.p.h. top speed to Los Angeles. It was night when we reached LA and the next morning would be the morning of that week’s elimination show. We were both very excited and extremely pumped! I got dolled up. I didn’t want Timmy to see me looking like I had spent 16 hours in the passenger seat of the car for the first time seeing me. How I looked to him meant as much to me as if I were going for a job interview. I wanted to leave him with a lasting impression that in hopes the next time he saw me, he’d remember something about me. I think however I may have sent the wrong message.

We waited outside the CBS studios for 3 hours, sitting on the hard and very cold pavement! I kept looking for my Timmy, in case he happened to drive into the studios. But I never saw him. I was in such a big hurry that morning that I totally forgot to put on my earrings! Donna said “Too late! I’m not going back now.” I knew she wouldn’t, but I could survive without the earrings. Getting into the studios was not as easy as one would think. VIPs always got let in first before the general public. Then any spaces that were available were for the public. Donna and I were fortunate we got in. Most everyone who got in only wanted to see the contestants. But not Donna and I, our primary interest was in a place next to the guys of INXS. She wanted to see Jon and I wanted to see Timmy. We stood there for about an hour and some cornball announcer was telling us all how to applaud and everything. Me, being a rebel, is going to applaud in a way only I see fitting and no other way! I was applauding for my guys! INXS finally came out and took their seats on the panel. As they were going to their seats, I got to shake hands with all of them, including my Timmy! He grabbed my hand very softly and smiled at me a little bit. His brother, Andrew, had a lot more enthusiasm in his grip. I really liked him. Then Jon and then Garry, who came with a great deal of keenness, and gave me a high-fiver! Donna turned around to Jon and asked him to remove the shades. He didn’t do it right away.

As for myself, well, I could not for a minute take my eyes off of Timmy! I knew long before I went there I wouldn’t be able to! The man is even better-looking in person than he is in pictures or on TV. At one point before the actual taping, Timmy lowered his shades and I think he was looking right at me! I’m not sure though, it was so dark I could hardly see his eyes. But what struck me wrong was he never smiled if indeed he was looking at me. And this is a man who in a chat session stated that INXS are a group of fan-loving guys. If he was looking at me, I’m not exactly sure what kind of a message he was sending, except maybe “Don’t look at me!” But then that could just be from the naturally dangerous look he seems to always have on his face! That look that I just LOVE so much it drives me crazy!!!!

During the first commercial break, Donna did call to Timmy and ask him if he would allow us to have a photo session with him. While he had his attention focused on us, I gave him a very nervous wave and smile. That is, if you can call that a smile! I was demoralized out of my mind! I’ve always been a very shy person around strangers, and forthrightly Timmy was no exception, though he was a very familiar stranger. He smiled and said “sure!” I thanked him in advance. Jon was gone for most of this break, he was asked to return to the dressing room to change a belt buckle or something. When he came back he walked right up to Donna and lowered his shades. Well, she grabbed him and gave him such a kiss she almost sucked the flesh off his face! Funny thing was, I was standing right there and his face was practically in my face and he even puckered up for her! Later, when I told Donna that, she was like “Oh NO! Why didn’t I go for his lips??!!!” Later, whenever Donna would get turned around on the road, she would joke that she wasn’t thinking straight. She said that her brain was attached to her lips that were still attached to Jon’s face. I laughed every time I heard her say that! Just the thought that her brain was still attached to Jon’s face was hilarious!

During the next commercial break, Timmy and Kirk were gone. Donna looked back at me while Timmy was gone and said “When Timmy comes back around, I want you to grab him.” I think she wanted me to kiss Timmy like she did Jon. But I refused to grab him. First of all, I didn’t want to make myself look stupid. Once I grabbed him, what on Earth was I going to do with him?? Just let him go?? That wouldn’t have made much sense. It’s not like I asked Timmy for anything like Donna asked Jon to remove his shades. Besides that, I didn’t want to hurt Timmy. Though from his pictures and on TV, I really expected to see a 6-foot tall, at least 250-pound man, he was not that way at all. He was really no taller than me and very frail-looking. And I have a propensity not to know my own strength. So, I was afraid if I reached over and grabbed him I would have somehow pushed him down the stairs or something. I couldn’t live with myself if I did that! And besides all that, I could not get over my apprehensiveness. I’m like a very shy, very elusive bird of the jungle who doesn’t want to really be seen or noticed but yet a very good listener. Donna said to me “I’ll shoot you if you don’t!” I asked her “Can’t it wait ‘till after the show??” At just that point Timmy came back and came towards me. I started thinking to myself as I saw him come closer, “Should I really grab him? Should I just leave him alone?” And I repeated that same phrase over and over again in my head. I still could not take my eyes off him, but he didn’t even look at me as he went back up the stairs. I started to raise my hand to him, the reflexes were jolted, but I just could not get myself to raise my hand high enough for him to reach it. Instead of me attempting to grab him, it was more like a begging gesture as if to ask with my eyes and hand-motions “Hey! Did you notice me yet?” Just as well, I didn’t want to grab him anyway! I guess that was a good thing. But Donna looked at me, and gave me a go-to-Hell look, as if she was disenchanted with me.

As for my photo session with Timmy, it never happened. Donna and I tried to catch up with him after the show, but he disappeared. I was so upset and disappointed. As of the time of this typing I still have yet to get over it. But I sort of feel good, having got to stand next to him, shake hands with him and somewhat chat with him. But the whole thing would have been complete had I got that photo session with Timmy like he promised! As it is now, I feel the trip was very deficient! However, during the last commercial break, Timmy looked so sad that he looked like he was crying at one point. I didn’t exactly feel right asking him for a photo session at that point. Poor guy! I know he hates the eliminations. I could feel his anguish as if it were all happening to me. I kept whispering to him “Timmy-bear. It’s OK Timmy-bear!” I saw all the guys circling him at one point. I wanted to cuddle him, rub his hair, or anything that I thought might have helped him feel better. But I was powerless. I almost fully expected Timmy to lose control during the taping, but he never did. The man is so professional; he never faltered or broke down. I think if he would have broke down then I would have too. I could not stand to see him impaired or dismayed in any way.

In spite of not getting my photo session with Timmy, I had a blast at the taping! It was so fun getting to know and getting to love all the guys of INXS and seeing what they are like in real life. They truly are 5 cuddly teddy bears! In fact I had “beary” names for all the guys of INXS. I called Timmy “Timmy-bear” of course. I also called Jon “Jonny-bear”. Donna said she didn’t like that much. She couldn’t see calling Jon “Jonny-bear”. But in my eyes the man was a cuddly teddy bear! Donna wanted to call him “Jonny-cat”! Which I thought was strange. Sure, cats are cuddly. But you don’t associate cats with cuddliness. Besides that, I could not see anyone calling anybody they love a cat! I’d be thinking of an old, mangy alley cat that everybody hates. I personally do not feel Jon would appreciate being associated with something like that! But Donna said “You have your opinion, let me have mine.” I was personally OK with that all along. It was just that calling Jon a cat struck me strange.

Well, later in the trip, Donna would get another crack at Jon’s lips. We met up with Kris and some of her friends and went to the Key Club on Sunset Strip. It was for a benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina. We knew Jon and Garry would be there with a few of the members of the Rockstar house band. Raphael, who was a guitar player; Jim, who was the secondary guitar player; and Paul who was the lead vocalist and keyboardist. Timmy was not there, but I went anyway, in case he did show up. And I got myself all dolled-up again. This time I remembered to wear my earrings! We saw several bands there. One was an all-girl band doing AC/DC impersonations. Another was called Angry Chihuahua. Even Toto was there. An old 80s rock band whose song Africa became a big hit in 1982, and Jon Farriss had done some gigs with them. But INXS was all I cared about. Jon came on and then Garry and at least I recognized those two. I still don’t know the house band very well.

After the INXS portion of the show, we all wanted to catch up with our guys. We went outside and there we caught up with Jim. We also went backstage and that is where Donna and I met Raphael. He was a very nice guy, as was Jim. Raphael reached his hand out to me and said “Hi. I’m Raphael.” I shook his hand and said, “Hi. I’m DeeAnna.” I’m afraid I was giving him strange looks during the show. I didn’t mean to seem impolite, and I know it sounds strange for me to say this, but I felt like Raphael and Jim were stealing Timmy and Kirky’s place in the band! But after meeting them, it was a more uplifting sensation and I didn’t feel betrayed by them anymore. I’m a very forgiving person, and it doesn’t take much for me to be able to learn to love someone. But we still wanted to catch up to Jon and Garry. I kept my eyes on Garry the whole time. I have a thing for guitarists lately because of Timmy. Garry was the closest thing to a guitarist that was already somewhat familiar to me on that stage. So seeing him there was like seeing an old friend. Besides that, I loved Garry’s shirt!!!! I had to laugh when I saw it. It read “ASS” and after each letter it read: Another Super Star. Garry was never among my top favorite band members, but this night would change my mind.

We managed to catch up to him and Jon in the restaurant loft. I told Garry I loved his shirt. He was up there putting his guitar away. He looked at me and half laughed and nodded saying “Thank you.” I smiled back at him, and I felt an instant attraction to him as a person. He was very inviting and very sweet! We also caught up with Jon, and Donna was finally able to thank him for removing the shades for her and she kissed him twice in the mouth! While we were all up chatting with Jon and Garry, there was this big security guard who kept on telling us we had to leave. But Jon and Garry shooed him away. My heroes!!! I even got my pic taken with the both of them. Jon allowed us to line up in a pic with him. I held his arm and looked in his face so flatteringly. I just could not get over how much he reminded me of Timmy! But Jon himself is a gorgeous man!!! I also asked Garry for a pic with him and he said “Sure!” He smiled and put his arm around me and we lined up for a pic. I put my arm around him and he held on tight too. Donna snapped the pic. After that, I thanked Garry. It was then that Andrew surprisingly walked in. I told Donna I wanted a pic with him too. She went “yah, yah, yah!” After I saw Andrew come in, and he wasn’t supposed to be there that night, or he wasn’t scheduled to be there, I started looking all around for my Timmy. I looked and looked and looked for a long time, but Timmy never showed up. I was inconsolable! I saw every other rock band though that was there. Some I remember from the 80s and 90s, but none had my Timmy. Once again, another big disappointment! But I really took to Garry that night and have since learned to appreciate him much more. Now, I can safely say I love ALL my INXS guys equally. No more favorites! I really connected with Andrew at the taping, but that night found out he is a shy, retiring, humble man who cannot handle praise. A person like that is to be admired.

Donna got a picture of her with Andrew. I could not believe she did that and didn’t even ask me to get in with them. She knew how much I wanted it too! I was sitting on a very high bar stool at the time I saw them lined up for a pic and I threw myself off it and rushed up to get into the picture, even though I was not invited. I squeezed in anyway! Which actually got me a laugh from Andrew’s wife, who was standing nearby watching. Later on I found out that Donna didn’t ask me to get into the pic on purpose because she wanted me to be a little bolder. She said she was proud of me when I snuck into the picture anyway. That’s the person she wants to see more of out of me.

Garry and Jon both were very sweet guys, I really loved them! Donna loved Jon as was to be expected, but didn’t take to Garry like I did. Strangely, I really took more to Garry, Jon and Andrew than I did to Timmy. I loved Timmy, just not as much as I expected to when I saw him in person. I guess part of that was the descent of him breaking his promise to me. Another was the shock of how small he actually was, whereas I expected to see a much bigger, burlier man. I guess that explains why he had a little bit of a rise in his voice; it wasn’t ever low and husky. But I thought for a long time maybe it was just his accent. I have such a weakness for big, brawny men and the aussie accent would have added an extra charm to him. I’d have been in love all over again! All this is strange because before I ever went there, Timmy was my #1 favorite band member. Garry was down at the bottom of that list. I still loved him. I still thought he was much cuter than the best looking band members of U2, Roxette, and other such groups. But he was just way down there as far as INXS goes. But not no more! The man was very wonderful, kind and amicable. It may not be long before I can count him as my #1 favorite band member! As long as he doesn’t shave his head again! I hated that look on him!

Donna and I were there a week and I really wanted to stay longer. I wanted to stay in the hopes of seeing my Timmy again! But I never got to. We had to leave because Donna had to be at work the very next day. I was so sad to leave, but the memories of the past week will be with me forever. I even have pictures of me with 3 of my most favorite men in the World! That made the whole trip worth anything we had to go through just to get there. Even risking the unruliness of LA it’s self.


Me, Garry Beers (of INXS) and Donna
Garry Beers is the bass player of INXS, and I came to find him a very sweet person.

Donna, Rebecca, Jim McGorman (Rockstar: INXS house band guitarist and backing vocalist) and me.

Donna, Andrew Farriss and me. Andrew is one of the multi-talented band members of INXS.

Rebecca, Jon Farriss and me. Jon is INXS's drummer.