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Chihuahua colors

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Last, but not least, is the merle chihuahua. This is a color that Australian shepherds are more famous for. Merle more commonly, can be either blue or red, but there is also sable, and chocolate merle as well. Though chocolate merle may be a variation of the red merle chihuahua. The M gene is what creates the merle, and the more favorable is the Mm. The M gene creates a break in the color pattern, causing the color to dilute in some places, while leaving darker colored spots in others. It is also this gene's ability to break up the color pigment that causes the unusual pattern in the eye colors. The pattern of merle is never basic uniform, the splotches can vary in sizes and the lighter pigment can be either light or dark in color. This beautiful color comes with consequences, it is never a good idea to mate any merle dog to another merle. Then, you get what is called a double merle (MM), which is a merle dog that has more than 50% white. Often, these dogs have hearing and eye problems.
IMPORTANT NOTE: TG's Chihuahuas does not in any way advocate or support the purposeful reproducing of merle chihuahuas.


This handsome blue merle is owned by Danna of Ceja's Chihuahuas. Through this page, you will notice no two merles look alike.


Ceja's Chihuahuas also bred this litter of tiny puppies. 3 merles can be seen here along with one black. It's the break up of the black pattern that causes merle to occur.


This adorable blue merle is owned by Melinda Willcox. Notice the blue speck in the left eye. This is typical of merles. The eyes can be either all blue, or one blue and one brown, or with flecks of blue.


This is a very rare, and very beautiful fawn merle, DNP Amber Pearl Mia Merle owned by Carrie L. Beler of Dancin' Paws Chihuahuas.


Here is a blue merle (above) and red merle (below) set of chihuahua pups. The blue merle is owned by Shirlene Easling, and the red merle is owned by Carrie L. Beler of Dancin' Paws Chihuahuas


This gorgeous merle chihuahua is owned by Linda McConnell of Li'l Keepers Chihuahuas. This is truly one of the best-looking merle chihuahuas I've seen to date.