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Chihuahua colors

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Brindle is a rather rare color in chihuahuas. It is not new, however, it's been around for many years. It is in the lower ebr family of genes, which causes it to be somewhat recessive. If one parent is a solid color, and another a brindle, chances are the pups will be mostly solid. Brindling in a coat pattern occurs when there are black, or any darker colored streaks, causing pronounced stripes on another color. It's more patterned than the sabling seen in most chihuahuas (I call it a tiger-striped pattern). However, reverse brindling can occur, where black is the base color, and streaked with another color.  There are brindles in almost any color, either chocolate, blue, fawn, etc.


This adorable chocolate brindle puppy is owned by Lisa T. of Wild Canary Ridge.


This gorgeous brindle chihuahua is owned by Barbra.


This adorable brindle was bred by Melinda Willcox, but now lives with Ruth Norton.


These lovely brindle chihuahua pups show off some of the different shades associated with the brindle coloring. They are owned by Melinda Willcox


This is a blue brindle also owned by Melinda Willcox. Note the stripes are considerably lighter than in the black brindles, giving them a grayer, or blue, hue.