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Chihuahua colors

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This color is also known as tawny, or sable in most other breeds. The most common color of them all in chihuahuas. It is caused by the ay gene family. It often appears reddish, but there are several different varieties of fawn. There are blue fawns, chocolate fawns, brindle fawns and a variety of others. Cream and fawn are often mistaken for each other, but it is definately darker than cream.


These adorable fawn chihuahua pups are owned by Mayetta Bull. Note the different shades of the fawn color.


This is Rosie, a little sable fawn, owned by Janice. Check out those ears!!


This is a lovely blue fawn chihuahua owned by Dina Wahlers.


This beautiful fawn sable chihuahua is owned and taken by Kennel Veronicabox.