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Chihuahua colors

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Black is the most dominant color in chihuahuas, it comes in the B group in genetics. Almost every chihuahua color has some form of the B gene in them. Solid black chihuahuas are rare, but black can come with some white or tan markings, or even in dappled form. Solid black is very dominant in chihuahuas. However, in contrast the "at" gene that makes up the black and tan pattern in chihuahuas (like as seen in dobermans), is among one of the most common colors in chihuahuas, but is very recessive, too. It cannot be accomplished by mating a solid color with a black and tan.


Above is a lovely black and tan chihuahua and below is a black and tan with white chihuahua. Both are owned by Mayetta Bull.



Here is a beautiful solid black owned by Melinda Willcox. Solid black is most dominant in chihuahuas, but is suprisingly rare.


This lovely black and tan chihuahua (and his friend behind him) are both owned by Rhonda of Rhonda's Chihuahua Breeding.