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Chihuahua colors

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Blue is a shade down from black. It is somewhat rare in chihuahuas, though more and more are being bred. It is also a recessive color. Usually, it skips a generation and passes on to the next, unless one parent was bred from both blue parents.


Blues often come in many shades. Some appear almost black, while others can appear more silver. Our own Bambi, pictured above, is more the darker shade of blue.


Here is a lovely silvery-blue chihuahua with her solid black companion, owned by Barbra. Silver is simply a double diluted blue color. (check out the black color page for reference to the black chihuahuas).


These beautiful blue and tan puppies are owned by Melinda Willcox.


Here is a lovely darker blue puppy owned by Carrie L. Beler and bred by Amanda Wammock.


Sometimes blue chihuahuas can have a chocolate highlight to their coat because of the similarities in the genetic formula. Here is a lovely chocolate-blue owned by Jacqui Hall.