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Chihuahua colors
Can't Have Just One!

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Everywhere I go, throughout the internet and in the World, I get teased about having more than one chihuahua. It seems crazy to some people, and believe me, I get a lot of strange looks when I tell people I have 5 dogs. The fact of the matter is: Chihuahuas are ADDICTIVE! Like some kind of a drug that gets you high. Chihuahuas have been described as being a big dog in a little package, and perhaps they are. They love their owners as much as any big dog can. In short, chihuahuas are little guys with big hearts. Our own, Michaelangelo (Mikey), is overly in love with us. Once he gets to know a person, he licks and does not stop. All the same, it's easy for anybody to get hooked on chihuahuas as they so quickly become part of their owners. My Groucho is a big-time cuddler, she cannot sleep at night unless I am actually holding her in my arms. Nobody knows what inner-secret magic these little dogs hold, but for some reason, we love them, they become our children. Once you have a chihuahua, it's hard--if not impossible--not to have another.


This is a picture of 3 chihuahuas, named Chloe (black, tan and white), Zoe (red), and Annabel (blue and tan). They are all owned by Janice (and her fur angels). Thank you Janice for the inspiration to write this page.

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