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Chihuahua colors

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We are glad you have decided to visit our colors page. Please take some time to sponsor us and help save the endangered mountain gorillas!

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Hi there and welcome to chihuahua colors. Most breeders are highly against breeding chihuahuas specifically for color. But one cannot help but be intrigued by the many colors of chihuahuas out there. The number of colors and patterns out there for chihuahuas is one part of the charm of this wonderful breed. It would be impossible to ignore the rewards of breeding different colors into your lines. NONE OF THE DOGS IN THIS PORTION OF THE SITE ARE FOR SALE.  They all live with their own loving owners. Since these pics are borrowed, please do not use them without permission. In this portion of my site, I will show off some of the colors available for the chihuahua breed. I hope, in the future, to obtain at least one picture of each color available to chihuahuas, with a lot of help from friends, this project will be possible.
I would like to thank the people who contributed already to this project, and hope you, the viewers enjoy going through the pages.

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